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About Tamra Rose

Natural Healing For Hands, Hooves and Paws

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Mineral and Nutrient Coach

Cellular Regenerative Detoxification

Dog and Cat Iridology

12 Wk Herbal Protocols

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Chronic & Degenerative Issues

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Animal  Wellness Consultations

Animalgevity is the animal umbrella of Souls In Balance (formerly Rawlife Wellness) founded by Tamra Rose, a Wholistic Health Coach, Fitenss Trainer, Energy Practitioner, Cellular Regenerative Detoxication Specialist & Iridologist.


Tamra specializes in helping clients return to health naturally. She works with animal professionals, and caretakers of dogs, cats, and horses. She is a featured animal and people health practitioner for The Detox Shop and previously a practitioner through Our Botanicals Worldwide.


Tamra Rose is the previous President and Co-founder of a Los Angeles-based 501 c3 nonprofit organization called Animals, People and Environment Action. Formed in 2004. The organization’s mission was to inspire compassion and weave the conscious interconnection of animals, people, and the earth while also focusing on animal rescue. She spent over a decade devoted to animal rehabilitation, fostering, and re-homing many abused, sick, and abandoned pets. 

As a former dancer, vocalist, athlete, and  fitness enthusiast, Tamra's health spiraled downhill after consuming an unhealthy diet followed by multiple surgeries in her mid to late twenties. Doctors had diagnosed her with many labels from Chronic Fatigue, Migraines, Clinical Depression, Anxiety, Mania, Epstein Barr, Endometriosis, and Cervical Cancer. 


Exhausted from her "symptoms" and the lack of results from allopathic and even integrative holistic medicine, her health continued to deteriorate causing weight gain and furthering her depressive state. Fortunately, answers of hope appeared for her in her early thirties as she was led from veganism to Iridology, raw living foods, and the principles of cellular tissue regenerative detoxification. 


After 17 years of a plant-based lifestyle and holistic health practitioner in the detox field for over 9 years, her health once again began to fail. She had to put the pieces together and realize that deficiencies are of genuine concern (not just for only long-term vegans but for all people of various dietary labels. ) The Lymphatic system is an important component of healing but so are the other 10 organ systems of the body. 


Today, Tamra believes that diet is a personal choice and chooses to steer clear of dogmatic diets and theories. Her people and pet health programs and consultations continue to evolve and blend true detoxification and scientific nutrition for both people and pets. She has been consulting with both human and animals equally for over 15 years.

Tamra continues on a daily journey of spirituality and self-improvement. She considers herself a forever student of creation, a work-in-progress, a "soul in balance," and in service. With a deep passion and commitment to truth, she strives to support and empower people and pet guardians from all around the world to be their own healer and live their best lives. 

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