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See What Our Clients are Saying About Animalgevity

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A. R Cook- La Jolla, Ca

“Tamra Rose, simply said, is a life changer. She meets you where you are and guides you through the health and healing process with her own special brand of compassion and humor, without judgement and an abundance of enthusiasm and patience.  She genuinely cares for the well being and healing of both people and animals and it shows in her commitment and positive approach.”

~ AR Cook La Jolla USA

Dog Reversed Health

Shoshana G. Underdog Heroes Rescue. Riverside, Ca

Apollo’s tumor gone in 30 days: “To be honest, I’m still in disbelief, but this healing method is no joke. You can see in the photos, my boy was HURTING. He could barely hold his head up for 2 to 3 weeks. He didn’t move around much, anything that came near his abscess, he would cry and snap… Watching him suffer was brutal. As much as I knew i needed to be strong for him, I can’t say I kept a cool head all the way through. At one point, I was a nervous, confused emotional wreck, but it was worth it. He is finally getting back to himself. We are still at the home stretch, but the physical aftermath speaks for itself.”   

Natural Horse Detox

Teresa M. Pine Mountain Club, Ca

I cannot begin to thank Tamra Rose enough for helping me with my 2 horses and my kitten, my dogs and lastly my family. I continue to learn so much about eating healthy, and feeding my animals healthy as well. If I connect with her with any question she is a wealth of information and the few things like with horses (which she is also becoming very knowledgeable with), she will research and offer links to healing answers. I have seen it working first hand. My 16 hand beautiful 8 yr old thoroughbred had a bad fall during a snowy day and his right back side hit asphalt. Thank god he didn’t break or even sprain anything, but he developed a watermelon size hematoma. Tamra went right to work! She came to my horses aid asap with a bucket of fresh raw veggies and fruits, schooled me in how to best feed him and then made up herbs to specifically target his body and almost instantly the hematoma was shrinking. Everyone at my barn was shocked at how fast he was healing. This wonderful horse also has melanoma and that is now being targeted. I know he is in the best of hands. I have another horse I just took on as a rescue and he has a serious hoof issue called navicular. Tamra is helping along with my Farrier to heal him as well and he is already doing so much better…. off all pain meds, Yay!!!!!

Animal Rescue healed

APe Action Animal Rescue

“Hunter came into our rescue with kidney issues, skin infection, allergies, and fatty lumps all over his body. We began the detoxification process with a raw food diet, herbs and Glandular therapy. Two weeks on the protocol we did see toxins begin to eliminate through the eyes and stool in the form of green mucus. We stopped the Benadryl and let the herbs do their magic. After two months on the protocol that Tamra suggested, his skin infection cleared up and all the fatty tumors on his rear and back have practically disappeared.  He looks 2-3 years younger now. He is a thriving and happy senior. Thank You.” 


Injured Doodle

Jill Johnson, USA

“I am sooo grateful for Tamra Rose!  My Seamus, my love has been with me almost a year longer than they said and I owe it you. Seamus and I owe you soo much for helping with his detox. He was given a death sentence 8 months ago. Now he just turned 9 and acts like a puppy! You made a believer out of me. I was scared to death to take him off the pills the vet prescribed. So glad I did. I never knew dogs could even eat fruit! I need to eat everything Seamus eats and I know I would feel better. It kills me now when I hear what garbage people feed their animals. ”  ~Jill Johnson- Los Angeles

Rawlife Wellness Dog Client

Daniel Fain, NJ

“I have been feeding my dog Sasha raw meat for over a year now thinking that was the best way to cleanse and rejuvenate her. When she started peeing blood that scared me because I thought she was meant to eat raw meat all the time not realizing that dogs are omnivores and an all meat high protein diet to them is just as dangerous as it is to humans. Once I spoke with Tamra, everything changed. She was so sweet and made everything so simple to understand and I tried everything she said and immediately Sasha started detoxing and cleaning her body out, looked so much happier and had more energy. Gone were the days of her peeing blood and that was my biggest concern. After speaking with Tamra I felt so much better knowing how to care for my dog and that she’s on the right path now! AMAZING WOMAN!! ”

Animal Client Testimony

Dena Drotar, Las Vegas, Ca

“Tamra is the most amazing healer and intuitive. She instantly had a great rapport with both of my dogs. It’s as if they had known her all of their lives. I was so grateful for her patient and loving demeanor as one of my dogs, Studley, was a senior, and after months of trying to get him healthy with prescription drugs, I had been told by the vet that he would only live another month at most. After Tamra listened to all I had to tell her about his health she just petted him for a long time, calming him and me. She then suggested a new diet and gave me herbs to give to him twice a day. Not only did he stay alive for  more than a year, his quality of life dramatically improved and he was happy and feisty until the day that he died. What a gift she gave to us! Two years later, my other dog, Tala who is also a senior developed lethargy and incontinence. Tamra asked me a ton of questions over the phone and again recommended a diet change, and sent me some herbs. I am happy to say that Tala is full of life, plays like a puppy, and NO MORE incontinence! What a miracle! I would wholeheartedly recommend  Tamra to anyone who is looking to raise their pets health to the highest level!”

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Eva Lovisa Nelson, USA 

I am so grateful to Tamra for empowering us with this incredible knowledge and being so supportive. Also thankful for Dr. Morse’s amazing herbal formulas. Everyone should have these in their medicine cabinet! To anyone considering detoxing their pet, please do not be afraid. It’s a natural process and there are so many wise people out there like Tamra who can hold your hand through the process and help you understand what to expect.

I have no regrets about detoxing our cat and I’m thrilled to see him purring, playing, climbing trees and going on all sorts of adventures with such confidence and curiosity. There is no doubt in my mind that he is happy to be alive! Trusting in nature and her infinite wisdom was the best gift I could possibly of given sweet Howard. And I’m positive he would agree.


Our cat Howard started having trouble urinating when he was 3 years old. He was diagnosed with Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) and even after experimenting with multiple canned foods and prescription diets, Howard was becoming a regular at the ER. We received more bad news when Howard’s urine became too acidic from the prescription canned food the vet gave us. He had developed oxalate crystals in his urinary tract and would need surgery. Perineal Urethrostomy (PU Surgery) was recommended, which meant they would amputate Howard’s penis and this would allow for a larger opening for him to urinate the oxalate crystals out. The clinic assured us that they’ve had great success with this procedure and that it was far less invasive than if they were to remove the crystals by opening up his abdomen. We said yes to the PU Surgery. Howard made it through the procedure, but when we brought him home from the hospital, he was still having trouble urinating even while on pain killers and was also showing signs of atonic bladder, meaning he wasn’t able to fully empty his bladder on his own. We were warned that he may need to have his bladder manually stimulated for the rest of his life. We realized that Howard needed constant supervision to prevent his bladder from becoming too full, and because my husband and I both work full-time, we made the decision to have Howard hospitalized so he could have the 24/7 care he needed. Howard was catheterized and given an IV. He was on multiple antibiotics, pain-killers, medications to relax his urethra and medications to help him empty his bladder. He was hospitalized for about a month. We visited Howard daily during his hospitalization. The care team would only allow us 45-60 mins with him. He was not doing well such a drastic change of environment, but we knew of no other option at the time. He had stopped eating and drinking, was becoming very thin and quit purring. Our normally cheerful and affectionate young cat was now growling at vet techs and looked as though he wanted to throw in the towel. Eventually Howard started eating in our presence. We continued to visit him daily and he continued to eat and gain strength. Howard eventually came home, wore all sorts of e-collars, recovered from multiple UTIs and I remember doing a happy dance when he was finally off all his medications. He was peeing normally. And we our total vet bill came to well over $10,000.- – – New problems emerged – – -I never wanted to have this happen again. I started researching cat food and found a canned food with very little additives. Howard ate this for about a year. He had no urinary issues… but then he started throwing up his food and struggling with constipation. It wasn’t until I started working with another detoxification specialist (for my horse) that I realized that Howard too needed to switch to a raw food diet and get on an herbal protocol ASAP.- – – Detox journey begins – – -We started feeding Howard raw chicken breast with his old cooked canned food and got him eating 100% raw within a couple of weeks. Now it was time to add the herbs. We found we could easily disguise the herbs by mixing them with a spoonful of pre-ground, raw cat food. Howard did show minor detox symptoms upon switching to the raw diet, including itchy skin and lack of energy. These symptoms lasted 3 weeks. Afterwards he was back to his normal active self, was sporting a very silky coat, the vomiting had ceased and his bowel movements became regular. Everything was looking really good! We knew we were finally onto something! After being on a raw diet and herbs for about 5 months, Howard started to have trouble urinating again. I freaked out. How could this be happening? He’s been doing so well up to this point… I was going over and over in my head trying to think about what I could of possibly have done wrong… what had I missed?

I had forgotten that he was detoxing. And that old symptoms appear as the body heals. Howard’s body was telling us that he ready to heal on a deeper level… and I totally didn’t see this as the wonderful opportunity it was. All I could think about was how I didn’t want to have him hospitalized or on medications again! We went to the ER and had him manually expressed and I told the staff that I did not want any lab work done nor did I want any medications. They looked at me like I was crazy. I didn’t care.I contacted Tamra and got her up to speed on what we had been doing and she was so helpful and patient with me and all my urgent late night texts and questions. (Thank you again, Tamra! You are such a blessing!) Tamra suggested we could try fasting Howard for 24 hours by soaking raw liver in water and then offering him the liquid to drink if he so desired. I had never heard of doing something like that before but I trusted Tamra.The first 24 hour fast was a success! Howard drink a tiny bit of the liver water, but for the most part he just rested. The entire experience of fasting our cat was far easier than we had thought it would be and best of all, Howard was peeing normally afterwards!We continued to feed Howard the raw diet and in addition to his other herbs, we also give Howard Dr. Morse’s Parasite M formula, just in case of a possible UTI. Another week and a half went by and Howard started to have trouble urinating again.

This time we knew exactly what to do. Howard completed his second 24 hour fast and this time he passed two small bloody globs in his urine! It was incredible! He celebrated by running around the house and playing. It couldn’t have been more clear that this discomfort had left his body!Howard has had zero urinary complications since.

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The Mühlhäußers – Germany

When our treasured French Bulldog BumbleBee began having scary symptoms suggesting bladder or kidney issues, I immediately sought out help from the Dr Morse fan club group on Facebook- someone had pointed me to the revered Tamra Rose and after reviewing her incredible profile on her website I hit her up immediately. Our sweet Bee was basically peeing small puddles of blood, unable to walk, and squawking in pain. I feared she was dying when I drove her to the vet… low and behold her tests came back positive for a very severe bladder infection and she was prescribed a very strong antibiotic. I hated the idea of having to administer something that I knew in my training and naturopathic education would cause a blowback in her health, so I stuffed the prescription deep in my bag and told the Vet I wanted to try alternative means. She said it would be ok, but that I probably wouldn’t have long to “experiment”, as Bee’s infection was severe. And she was quite skeptical that I could get rid of the infection WITHOUT the antibiotic.

Meanwhile online, the Amazing Tamra Rose came to our rescue with clear, concise, and detailed advice and a protocol and diet that perfectly suited Bees needs. We couldn’t believe how helpful and generous she was with giving us this valuable and free information to a family she never met. Tamra was always quick to respond to my every concern and her level of knowledge and experience was quite impressive.

Long story short, with her guidance we managed to get Bee on a completely fresh raw diet, herbs, and her terrible Bladder infection cleared up within a week. The vet was shocked and asked how I did it and I was walking on clouds that whole day. We continued to watch in amazing Bee’s improvements in her coat, her skin folds, her flexibility, her mood, her energy level, her stride and confidence, etc. She’s a 7-year old, but we could swear we had our little puppy back.

Thank you so very much, Tamra Rose. You’ve helped open our eyes to a wonderful world of vitality for our fur baby where we can help her not only to heal with raw foods and natural resources, but thrive and enjoy her life to the full extent. 

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Jill Gasparac, See Spot Stay
West Hollywood, Ca

“After being diagnosed with cancer and going through surgery to remove the mass that his first vet said couldn’t be removed (always get a second opinion), Saxer started on a detox program designed by Tamra to help him get through this health crisis.  He’s been on herbs and a special diet for 10 months now and is doing amazing. I’m so glad that the detox is working and he’s his normal happy self.  I recommend detoxing any pet that has an illness or has to go through surgeries, to help them recover and live a full and healthy life.

Screen Shot 2021-06-10 at 4.07.49 PM.png

Jill G. Dog Trainer USA

“Tenny  was on medicine daily for his collapsed trachea and on antibiotics monthly for constant infections caused by chronic coughing.  After detoxing him, he no longer needed the daily meds or the antibiotics, his coughing diminished which then stopped him from getting infections.  He’s been off all meds for over a year now and is doing great for an old little dog.”

-Jill Gasparac (Dog trainer) West Hollywood

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Finn the Kitty, Culver City, CA

“One night just recently I gave my 7 month old kitten an oral flea Med and he has such a bad reaction I thought I was going to lose him. Tamra was called and she told me exactly what to do with herbs she had given me for my horses and how to dose for my 7 lb kitten and within 20 minutes he was already better and by the next day he was fine. She also told me how to support his kidneys, lymphatic system and liver with the toxic Med still working in his system, by setting up a plan for the following 2 weeks. I trust Tamra implicitly. She is there for you morning, noon and night if you are in need. Tamra, I will be forever grateful to all you have done for me, my family and my animal family…. I’m a believer! You had me at “I can help you!!!”

KODA copy.jpg

“My own Husky was diagnosed with many things until he died of old age. He had disk disease, bulgind dic/pinched nerves, cushings, hemolytic anemia according to their labels at one time and hypo-thyroid. All symptoms revered. The body heals itself. The Vet had him on Soloxine, a synthetic thyroid medicine. He was on it for 5 years until I began detoxing him with the correct feeding program, herbs, and glandulars, fruit, plant based meals, and some raw meat.  Only two months after starting him on a herbal and diet protocol,  I was able to wean him off his meds completely. It took about 4 months in total to get him off those meds.  The vets didn’t believe it was possible and they told me he would have to be on these drugs his entire life. Boy, were they wrong. ~ Tamra Rose - Owner

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Rene Green, Texas

“Tamra Rose really knows her stuff when it comes to animal healing. Anytime I need help with a sick animal, she is the first person I call. She helped me heal my cat from a severe ear infection, which saved me thousands in medical bills. Not to mention, saving my cat from lifelong, unnecessary, side affects that the surgery would have created.”

~Rene Green, Texas- Nature’s Grace Holistic Healing

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