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Pet Resources

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Los Angeles Dog Trainer

Jill Gasparac

"I believe that you must first earn the dogs trust to then be able to communicate with them, and teach them.  No harsh training methods are used, I train with tones, words, praise and treats.  Training needs to be fun for the dog!"


Animal Communication & Energy Healing

Rene Grace

"Animals, as well as people, are able to be the best versions of themselves when they are in balance…body, mind and emotion. Looking at a Being holistically, allows me to understand what may be going on, on multiple levels.


Using a variety of natural modalities, I can assist an individual in bringing them back into balance and flow. I specialize in Animal Communication, as well as Healing Touch for Animals, Reiki, Pranic healing, Crystal therapy, Essential oils, Flower Essences, Sound therapy and behavior modification. Communicating with an animal, gives me a better understanding of what is going on, from their point of view. This, in turn, gives me the opportunity to create an action plan, catered specifically for that animal."

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