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"Help! My Dog Was Diagnosed with Cancer. The Vet Told Me to Go Home. Nothing More Could Be Done.'

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Those dreaded words, the C- word. I've been there myself and so have many other pet guardians. What if I told you, that we can clean, strengthen, and regenerate the cells and tissues of our animals through detoxification?

All Cancers don't just happen overnight. It manifests as an accumulation of inflammation and acid build-up of cellular toxicity combined with deficiencies and environmental factors. While we have no guarantee that an animal can overcome degenerative health challenges through detoxification, we see a high percentage of animals and pets recover, or at minimum liver longer lives than given by many veterinarians. The results depend on the animal's current reserves but many dogs turn their failing health around or fully recover from their chronic and degenerative symptoms.

I wish I had understood the principles of natural health years ago when I started a 501c3 non-profit animal rescue charity in Los Angeles. Back then, I did everything the veterinarians instructed me to do, thinking that I was an awesome and responsible pet guardian. I allowed the many vaccines and aggressive therapy treatments on the animals in my care, thus resulting in further damage and more health issues down the road. For example, chemotherapy used to treat cancer in animals has the PH much like that of Draino or battery acid, which results in more over-toxicity in the body. At first, these treatments appear to reduce tumor size or stop cancer, but we see the aggressive ill health throughout the body return. Cellular Detoxification and a nutritious diet are essential.

Here at Animalgevity, we get cats and dogs on a whole body feeding system with food, herbs, and minerals. We feed by the following of nature. Some of the helpful things pet parents can learn are the importance of macro and micro-nutrients, the body's lymphatic system, and the role that the kidneys and adrenals play in all health challenges in animals.

Empower yourself with truth and knowledge to take you or your pets back to wellness. Never allow any person or doctor to tell you that “nothing else” can be done. Never lose hope. I’ve witnessed many individuals and pets take back their health and thrive after a diagnosis of having only weeks to months to live. When we address the imbalance, instead of suppressing symptoms, the body can do what it needs to do to repair it.

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